A Crazy Journey – Part 11

Lorraine sat in the ‘lecture?’ ‘question and answer?’ whatever it was. On the stage were two actors from a Sci-Fi show. They were talking about some small aspect of an episode. Those in the audience were asking questions and there was a lot of happy banter, and jokes, and it was kind of pleasant.

It was funny, in a way. Usually this kind of thing either had an exam at the end or imparted necessary information. This was just a silly waste of time, but, still,  it was a break from her sensible self, a sort of drunken discourse without the liquor.

She looked around, seeing some serious faces and wanted to laugh. She didn’t of course. It just was so amusing that these people took these shows seriously. That they accepted a lot of the ‘science’ and almost believed the characters existed.

Even though the actors at the front were dressed casually, they related to them as if they were the characters they played.

At the end of the lecture or whatever it was, she emerged, and ran into one of her new friends and they went around the room, and then to grab some lunch.

With so many of them arguing and wanting to go in this direction or that direction, Lorraine went off on her own and into a cafe where she ordered a salad.

She saw a few faces from the Con but they were busy with their conversation so didn’t see her.

She breathed a sigh of relief.


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Written by jaylar

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