A Crazy Journey – Part 12

Lorraine was not a snobby or standoffish person.  She was known to be friendly and open. But the people at this conference were, to be polite, weird.  They were so focused on their fantasy world that nothing penetrated.

The people at this Sci-Fi Con were so into their specific area finding certain meaningless things so important that it reminded her, in a twisted way, of a university class she had taken in ‘Classics’ where they would spend the afternoon arguing over a passage in the Iliad, while reality boiled just outside the window.

To hear people speak with passion over a toss away remark made on a television serial as if it mattered made her wonder why she was here. She wasn’t letting go, she wasn’t that into it. She felt out of place. She reproved herself for not trying to fit in, to ride the silliness.

Soon she would see her ‘idol’  the actor who had caught her eye, who had propelled her into a message board, to befriend those there and make this silly trip.

She told herself it was like ordering cheese cake. Yes, it had no nutritional value, and yes it was too rich and sort of pukey, but once it is in front of you, you eat it and try to enjoy it.

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