Cop Wrestles Teenage Quadruple Amputee To The Ground


In every police department, there is always one rotten apple that spoils the bunch.  You can always pick him out because he never follows the general operatives nor the proper procedures while escalating minor 911 calls to the extreme.

Take for example what occurred earlier this week in Tucson, AZ.  A group home worker called the Pima County Police in regards to a teenage quadruple amputee (no arms and no legs) who threatened the worker and kicked over a garbage can.  

Instead of calming the situation down by realizing that a person with no arms and with no legs would not be able to hurt anyone, the Pima County police officer takes out his aggression on the adolescent by tackling him and arresting him for disorderly conduct.

When the cop realized that he did one of the worst things imaginable to an amputee, he turned to another teenager that recorded the entire incident on his phone.  The officer then arrested the recorder for no reason and slammed his head into the door.  

Fortunately, Pima County has the officer under investigation.  Being that these teenagers are in a group home because they have been abandoned by their parents, watch for their relatives to show up out of nowhere looking to cash in after the potential settlement that will be accrued.

I agree with the handle in the lower right-hand corner of the video.  This senseless act is cold.


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