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NFL Draft 2020 Review: Arizona Cardinals

Although the Arizona Cardinals finished 5-10-1 last season, one could see that the Cardinals were not too far from respectability.  However, they must learn how to win close games because Arizona lost six games by seven points or less.  Let’s see if the Cardinals brought in some players that will give them a winning record next season.

Round 1, Pick 8:  Isaiah Simmons – LB – Clemson.  Simmons is the hybrid defender that is necessary in containing current offenses in the National Football League (NFL).  At Clemson, he lined up at inside linebacker, outside linebacker, safety, and corner.  This type of versatility can be used to disguise what the defense is doing.

Round 3, Pick 8:  Josh Jones – OT – Houston.  Jones will contend for a starting tackle spot in this pass-happy offense.

Round 4, Pick 8:  Leki Fotu – DT – Utah.  Stopping the run is critical in winning close games in the fourth quarter.  Fotu will bring some power to the defensive tackle rotation.

Round 4, Pick 25:  Rashard Lawrence – DT – LSU.  Arizona is really looking to stop the run by loading up on defensive tackles.  Opposing teams tend to look to run the ball against Cardinals to keep their offense off of the field.  Lawrence will bring some force to the defensive tackle rotation.

Round 6, Pick 23:  Evan Weaver – LB – California.  Weaver was a tackling machine as a inside linebacker at Cal.  He will look to become a part of the inside linebacking rotation with the Cardinals.

Round 7, Pick 8:  Eno Benjamin – RB – Arizona State.  Arizona needed to pick up another running back, and the Cardinals found one in their own backyard late with Benjamin.  He has the type of skills to complement in the running game and with receiving out of the backfield.

Grade:  I appreciate what the Cardinals did in this draft.  Their primary need was to stop the run better, and they improved their defense immensely.  I give them a B+.

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  1. i reserve judgment on drafts until a year after. One thing to be great in the college game where you play against 80% players that never make the NFL. I like to see how picks fare in the faster game before rating drafts! i give Arizona a B for their 2019 draft.

    • Yeah, these grades are just based off of their college tape. Normally, it takes about three years. For example, look at Patrick Mahomes. First year – sat behind Alex Smith. Second year – almost made the Super Bowl. Third year – made the adjustments and won the Super Bowl. Here’s a bad example – Mitch Trubisky. First year – showed flashes last half of the season. Second year – improved and made the playoffs – Third year – regressed. The third year is key to see if a player continues to either improve or if a player has been figured out by the rest of the NFL.


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