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Content Author: What's it all about?

I have been here in Virily for a long time.   In fact,  I have been here for 3 loooooong years.   I have made good acquaintances here.  I could be an on and off members because of the circumtances I am in.  However, I make sure that if I have available time, I log here and see what’s happening.  Spoiler alert!!!  I don’t see some of my friends here.

As I was looking at my profile I saw earned Content Author and some other badges.   I don’t understand what Content Author means.

Can someone answer me through the comment section what Content Author is?


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  1. each badge is a milestone recognition. When you create a quiz, poll, or lots of content you get a badge.

    Each badge also includes a Viril bonus but that has changed over the years.

    I personally haven’t earned a new badge in more than 2 years!

  2. Badges are just little things to celebrate your accomplishments. If you open the badge it may tell you that you reached a certain number of posts and celebrate. “Congratulations you made (a certain amount of content posts.)


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