And Once Upon a Time – Part 7

I didn’t realise things had gone south as far as they had. I had walked out Wednesday, stowed my stuff on the boat, remained the night,  then went to work.

When I left work, I almost went home, then, stopped, and went to gather supplies, and carried them to the boat.  I did a lot of cleaning, organising, and just loving being there.

I figured I’d stay away for the weekend,  maybe even Monday, then pop around on Tuesday.

It wasn’t that I was wanting to be apart from Zennie, I just loved being on the boat.

My plans were kind of messed up because on Tuesday morning I was served with a divorce petition at the office.

I kind of shot off my mouth about it,and one of my coworkers had a brother who was a lawyer and rang him up and I spoke with him, then met him after work.

I didn’t want the divorce.  I wanted to reconcile.  I wanted to… whatever….But I was young and my ego was hurt, and I was angry and didn’t want to lose. So I had my own divorce lawyer.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar