Catching Karma – 5

After three months, Marie consulted a lawyer and began divorce proceedings. She was neither anxious nor concerned. It was necessary.

She went through Charlie’s things, not with urgency, just making particular divisions.

All his clothing would be given away. His toiletries would be separated into those she could throw out, those she could use.

His documents and papers which might be necessary would be put in a box he could collect.   Canned goods he liked that she didn’t were given to a shelter.

It was not a quick job, she let it take a few evenings, and then, when the house was ‘UnCharley’ thought about having it painted.

They had discussed painting a year ago but never got around to it. Now, she would have it painted.

She planned how she could hire a crew for the weekend, beginning on Friday, and she would spend Friday to Monday morning at a spa. And then, Monday evening,walk into ‘her’ newly painted house…….Why? She asked herself suddenly.

Why paint this big old Charlie smelling house? Why not sell the house?

Demand the house on divorce, and sell it!


What do you think?

Written by jaylar