Catching Karma – 19

For the month she spent at the All Inclusive in the Caribbean, Marie created a new pattern. She swam each day, went to a yoga class, ate her meals, went on boat rides and other excursions, reaching bed exhausted, sleeping easy and well.

She didn’t watch television or play on the Internet, she lived every second, fully conscious.

She met many people, had many conversations and only let her thoughts travel as far as the next minute. Soon, her “Being Here Now’ paradigm was not forced, it was natural. Marie was invigorated. It was as if she were twenty years younger.

She no longer needed to make the effort to lock out the life she had left behind, it was by osmosis she took in the Now. The here and now.

There was no job, no Charley no thirty wasted years of a marriage, nothing. Just now.

Never before had Marie been so disconnected from her usual life, and so into her holiday world.

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