And Once Upon a Time – 5

I had walked out on Zennie in the middle of the night. I flung my stuff into a big old knapsack. I left my wife, who wouldn’t have a guess of where I was going.

I hadn’t actually known I would leave or where I would go. I was angry, I was childish, and just packed my stuff and walked out.

I must have gone about a mile, then stopped and asked myself where I was going. And that’s when I remembered Uncle Jackie’s boat, my boat.

I had always wanted to live on a boat, always imagined traveling to strange places, living one big adventure. So, I caught a bus and went to the boat.

As I rode I went over the argument, recalling I’d said something about moving in with ‘Angela’.

The what which caused the argument, the what which spiraled out of control, was when I started talking about ‘Angela’.

I know Zennie was getting jealous, but I thought it was funny.

Then, she told me to get out and go, and made some remarks about my sexuality. That was the what which had me leave that trailer in the middle of the night with my stuff and move to the boat.

An argument, a reference to adultery with ‘Angela’… the computer I used at work.


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