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I know that accidents happen all the time. It is simply a fact of life. I was looking for a picture of an accident and this one came up. Now it made me smile because to me it looks like this feline is very carefully dumping the flowers and water out of the vase.  It made me smile. I would guess that it’s a photo shop, but if not it’s one great capture. I would have dropped the camera and tried to save the vase. Clearly my priorities are all mixed up.

But the truth is accidents do happen and when they do it is a good idea to display real compassion. You may be the next one that is in a similar situation.

I am exhausted and want so me real privacy, so yes, I think I will pack an overnight bag and go to a hotel and perhaps take a nice long bath. I can call for a second set of caregivers and return in the morning. I think it’s the best decision.


What do you think?

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  1. Yes, accidents do happen, you may know I fell backwards through the door and broke my wrist.
    I did not realise I had broken my radius bone on my wrist and had driven all the way to auckland hospital.
    The nurse was kind and arranged for a driver to drive my car back home…

    Hopefully on Weds the cast will come off.