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A funny Story from the Hay Day

Let’s go down the memory lane. I was in high school in the third year. 

Our class teacher had given us homework. We were given an equation which we were required to find values of x and y. From the values, we were required to draw a graph containing a perfect U line.

Equations which required one to draw a graph was my favourite subject in mathematics. 

I did the calculations in my mathematics exercise book by finding three values for x and other three numbers for y. On the graph book, I drew the graph.

The next day, in the morning the class prefect collected our books to take them to the teacher in the staffroom. I had forgotten to include my mathematics book that included how I found the value of x and y.

Later in the day, our class monitor gave us back our books. This was what was written on my graph book (remembering I forgot to include my maths book to be signed): “Introvert, you are a genius. You can draw a graph without a table. Shame on you.” Then what followed was a right with a signature whose effect faded after several pages.


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