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Burial in a 'Tea Box"

Tina Watson, a 73-year-old lady tea enthusiast from the Leicester shire area of England, was buried in a coffin like a large tea bag according to her last wish.

Tina Watson use to drink 40 cups of tea a day and expressed extraordinary desire with her daughter, before she died. Once we were talking, she said that I wanted my coffin to be like a big tea bag box and it should belong to the Ty-phoo brand. I used to laugh when I heard about my mother but she said I am not joking, I really want to do this,” she said.

Debus Donovan’s mother’s last rites were paid on November 1, where Tina was brought in a large tea bag like a coffin. She added , I know my mother will be looking down and laughing at the coffin.

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