365 Day Photo Challenge Day 120

Back to collections in the house. Although two different things about today’s picture. First it is the first upstairs not in my office or basement picture, and second, it has two sets of collections. The first, in the foreground, is the movies we haven’t watched yet. The list is growing as you can see.  Also, there is my AR Moon and AR Moon Footprint. When you view the two objects in an Augmented Reality application, they trigger content. The moon print is a replica of the first footprint on the moon by Neil Armstrong and provides you with information about that momentous night on July 22, 1969, when humans stood on the moon for the first time.

In the background, there is another collection on the mantle of our woodstove. The first is my fathers Galileo thermometer. That joined our house after my fathers passing in 2014 and is my link to my dad’s love (and my love) of weather information! The box is also a sad reminder, being the ashes of my daughter’s first dog Fran.

Finally, on either end of the mantle, there is a speedboat and a sailboat, those represent my love of boating (and my wife’s love of boating).

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Just share pictures!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I’ve seen that with profile photos before. And, people don’t see my photos in stories, just the featured photo. Sometimes, refreshing helps.