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Who is a hero? A hero is someone who goes out of his way to ensure peace and co-existence prevails in a society. 

A hero is an individual who works for the common good of others. 

In the spirit of recognizing Virily Heroes, this one goes to Doc Anderson. From the time I joined Virily, Doc has been advocating for members to coexist in harmony. He has been encouraging members the need to support Virily’s founder(s) and the team because starting a site and maintaining it isn’t easy. He encourages us to aspire to work in harmony with the team’s members for the good of Virily. In the long run, it will be for the benefits of us all.

He is working in creating an updated FAQ so that the members, both old and new may know what is acceptable and things to avoid. 

He ensures he delivers to the administrators Virilis’ concerns on some issues that affect their interaction with the site. This is a noteworthy and noble undertaking.

Virily is a community to share, inspire, encourage, educate, teach, advice, inform and a place to relax and refresh one’s mind.


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