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You know too much psychology when…

Over the years and according to all the experiences I’ve had so far, I’ve come to a conclusion that one has reached a peak of his knowledge and self-studying when he agrees with everything. The reason for this is because you’ve read too much, you’ve experienced too much, you’ve seen too much so you get to the point where you completely understand everyone and the ‘why’ of his decisions.

This world is such a beautiful place to live in. Only the people who see it through the eyes of their souls could agree that everyone is free to do, get, believe or claim everything he wants. As we are all different, even though we all have the same goal which is reaching happiness, we see the world in a different way because of different combination of experiences, conditions, resources, knowledge, even age.

There’s nothing better than to be given the opportunity to choose and decide for yourself without being judged. Your life is only yours therefore you are in charge of what you decide to believe in. Once you agree that everyone’s trying to save himself in the best way, therefore everyone make different choices, you will understand that there’s no place for judgement! You are not the other person! You have nothing to do with her feelings! Instead, read more, open your mind, be conscious and judge less!

Behind every decision there’s a fair enough reason! Comprehension is something not everyone enjoys, therefore the world is full of people full of judgments and disagreement! If only the people mind their own business and not put their noses in someone else’s cup of tea, we would live much happier and satisfied!


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  1. How could I have missed this. I like your approach to the subject. Truthful and thought provoking which surrenders the reader to do some soul searching. You are a great writer in the making, the world must get to know. Your best is yet come!

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