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When the attitude's right, the facts don't count!

If someone would have ever told me that a single phrase could change my entire life, I would have laughed! I was never paying attention on my thoughts until the moment I had no idea why, no matter how hard I tried and was correct with everyone around me, all the things seemed to have fall apart. It was the moment I said I’d have to check what’s wrong with me, because it was more than obvious there was something wrong!

The first good news was that there’s not a thing that could not be solved in life! That immediately made me feel better. I was suggested to pay more attention on my thoughts and self-respect, as well as self-confidence, rather than my behavior. And they were right!

After all, one has the power in his hands to choose how his day is gonna develop. The key is the attitude! Whether you think you can have or do something, or not, in both cases you are right. Whenever you feel down or bad, just relax, put a smile on your face, breath deeply and remind yourself that you can achieve everything! The posture of your body is the second thing you should change. As the posture changes, your feeling change. Slowly but surely. I bet you have never seen a furious and annoyed person with an excellent posture!

When you are about to face someone or have to do something, start by choosing the right posture that speaks volumes about how the things will develop later on. Be confident and make sure you always have a picture of you sitting on the throne, no matter what! You have to be your own hero! Once you have this in your mind, follow your instinct and never care about the facts! The facts are nothing but other people’s opinions! And even if someone claims that nothing could be changed, remember the phrase:

“It was impossible until someone did it!”

Put a smile on your face. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you! Be confident and trust your own body, mind and instinct! If you look scared and worried, the chances are you will end up even more scared and worried. On the other hand, nothing can ruin a big mountain with no will to move on, no matter what. The moment you decide to fail is the moment you fail! Fake it till you make it!


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