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What men like best about women

All men are different, are attracted by different kind of girls, are impressed by different things, some prefer funny girls, others beautiful ones, while some are too picky. The things that make a great impact on the boys, besides the girls beauty and physical appearance, are the positivity, charisma and uniqueness. This type of girls tend to be a real magnet for the boys. But what are the other hidden psychological things that the boys are attracted by?

Smile. Always! There’s no a guy that will pay attention at a serious and angry girl. The laugh always calls the attention. The smile sends a signal to the brain, it lifts up the mood and it’s always welcomed. 

Be what you are and what you want to be. No one likes fake people nor actress. OK, maybe in the movies, but in reality no one wants a girl that pretends to be something she’s not. There’s no need of acting nor fake reactions. Just act natural. Be what you want to be, as you want to be. The guys appreciate the honesty.

Ask him a favour. Even though this tip is over a hundred of years old, it still works. They love when they can help you or do something for you as this makes them feel strong, confident and powerful. 

Play with your hair. Especially the long hair is the girl’s ”best friend”. The guys cannot resist looking at a girl who’s unconsciously playing with her hair. They love watching the way you run your fingers through your own hair in order to look better.

Adapt on every situation. Someone finds it difficult to adapt to a new or unknown situation, or things they are not used to. Even if you are not a great football fan, you can make an exception and enjoy a match with him. The guys love girls who are flexible and understands them in every situation.

Say “thank you”. Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys with principles who can even get offended if you do not tell him “thank you” when you are supposed to. Even if you forget it at that particular moment, it’s never to late to call him just to thank him for whatever he’d done.

The perfume. The perfume is one of the greatest “weapons”. If later he smells the same perfume somewhere else all he will think about is you.


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