What I Wish I Knew About Romance: Be grateful for your mistakes

Ah, the great mystery we call love. We all want to be better at it, but we make the same mistakes again and again. As a young man I was especially hopeless, and refused any advice. Fortunately, I eventually wised up and learnt these lessons about making romantic love last.

Be grateful for your mistakes

I’m the first person to stick his hand up and admit that I’ve made some wonderfully gloriously embarrassing mistakes in love. I’ve desperately hung on to (some would say “pathetically stalked”) a girl who realized – a year or so before I did – that we were never suited for anything more serious than a whirlwind holiday romance. My biggest mistakes were the times I should have been more tender and honest.

Being a “fool in love” isn’t just part of the deal, it is the deal. We all make colossal, glorious, hear-shredding blunders that leave us crying into our pillow, beer or best friend’s shoulder. Completely stuffing up, then dusting ourselves off and trying again is the only way we learn and grow.

Never waste time with grudges. Instead, somehow thank the weasel you caught cheating, and be grateful to the jerk who hurt you so badly you sat in your bedroom until 4 am, drinking gin and singing “I Will Survive”. It’s the mongrels and the cheaters who make us realize when we’ve  found “the one”. So thank them with all your (broken) heart.


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Written by Kent David

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  1. Veritas. You’re right on target there, although it was Scotch and I was singing “Mixed Up Shook Up Girl”. But it does get better, and that’s the lesson we take away here 🙂