Hottest Romance Film, A Summer Place

Just a moment ago, I heard the theme from the 1959 movie, “A Summer Place”, and the memories just came flooding in, It was the hottest romance film of that time, with Sandra Dee and newcomer actor, Troy Donahue, I can remember this film vividly, It was the first film I ever saw with my friends. and it has always stayed with me. 

How it affected our group of, boys and girls of 14 and15 years old, just hanging out was so amazing. You did not have to see the act of lovemaking,  those days you just imagined it. To this day I can feel that feeling and I have always loved the tune to this day. Now at almost 70 it just brings back such great memories of those Summer holidays as teenagers. I and many of my friends experienced the joys of love for the first time in that film!

Here is a film clip of the movie for any old codgers like me that can still remember it


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