Weight-loss Idea-#1

Stay away from foods that are not your favorite, or at least for a while. Buying foods that you enjoy more could make you eat more than an average portion. I am trying to lose weight, and I know if I even buy my favorite cereal I could possibly overeat. For instance-I enjoy eating ‘Cinnamon Life’ cereal in the mornings. I would tend to eat a second helping at times. Now, I buy granola cereals, or Cheerios etc. I enjoy these cereals, just not as much as the ‘Life’ cereals. Now, I have found out I can buy Life cereals at times, and I will not over-eat it. Once you can say you can eat your favorite foods in moderation,  then ENJOY.

Trying to find a balance when you are dieting can be a challenge, but it just takes willpower, and by using this idea I am doing it.

Good luck if you are dieting. Maybe don’t even call it dieting, call it eating right.


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