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Monday, December 30, 2019

How do you know if you are really spiritually awake? This video lists ten ways to figure it out.

  1. You enjoy your time alone. If you go out, you might prefer a nature activity or bookstore.
  2. You believe there is more to whatever is presented. You always search for hidden messages, signs, and symbolism. You look for real life mysteries, although you feel everything happens for a reason.
  3. Others go to you for advice because you are wise beyond your years.
  4. You don’t believe everything you hear. You prefer to research everything yourself before you believe anything. You stay away from the mainstream Zionist media, preferring to seek out alternative means. You prefer to learn more in life, living life in the present moment.
  5. You have an open mind.
  6. You don’t look up to authority. You regard them as regular idiots or puppets, either your level or below you, but definitely never your superior.
  7. You have clearer dreams, giving you images to help guide you in a certain direction. During these dreams, you often question if you are awake or dreaming because it seems too realistic or blurs into your real-life situation.
  8. You are over your ego. You prefer to live your truth and be who you are meant to really be.
  9. You can face your past in order to release issues from your current life and the truth will set you free.
  10. You prefer to help others, opting to live differently from the Zionist agenda, which is intentionally destroying the earth. You prefer to save the earth, animals, and others in live an an overall positive way.


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  1. Well I am not sure about number 6! I don’t think it applies to everyone who has authority. Loved the post in general because it made me think. I like to take a look from a different perspective and you helped me do that. Well done.

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