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What lockdown has taught us?

What lockdown has taught us? Let’s try to look at the positive.

Maybe we will learn to love and care more for nature, our mother Earth? Maybe realizing that we have less time on this earth, we will rethink our lives, habits, relationships, and life will turn in a completely different direction?

Maybe we will be grateful that we were given time to think, to be more with ourselves, to stop the endless running, to breathe easier?

According to the government’s instructions, Lithuania should reopen on May 11. We will return to our works again, to the public. Life will pick up again and slip us into its bustle and hustle at its own pace. People are very much waiting for the outdoor cafes to open and they will be able to meet again. 

If honestly, I missed people, and I want to meet with one or another friend and drink coffee in an outdoor cafe enjoying the spring view, but I will not rush straight away to experience this again. I already accustomed to the slower life, and actually, I love it. I better continue my walks in nature, enjoy the pine forest, the sea, the peace…

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