Why You Toilet Train Your Children Early

When a baby is born there is nothing s/he can control. Noises can be made, but they are meaningless, for the child can not articulate; ‘hunger’ ‘comfort’ ‘lonely’ only make noises that the parents have to decipher.

As the baby gets older the ability to recognise the world improves, and they gain control of their arms and hands and can touch; maybe clumsy, but it is an action that baby controls.


When a parent begins toilet training as soon as that baby can sit on a potty chair, that child begins to learn that s/he can control his or her bowel movements.It is the first major break through. It is more significant than saying ‘Ma Ma’ . That little baby has shown dominance over his or her body.

Many children, at the age of six months can call; ‘doo doo’  and be placed on the potty chair. As soon as they can walk they learn to hold it and walk to the potty chair.


It is no shock that a 9 month old baby is toilet trained. For girls usually can do this, boys usually take a year until they no longer dirty their diapers.   The child who is toilet trained has learned self control. This will help them in life.


Those who are toilet trained early know how to behave in public. They are not the screaming idiots throwing themselves on the supermarket floor. They know how to exert control over themselves. In ancient days of cloth diapers and focused parents or grandparents, toilet training was important. Today, with paper diapers, you’ll see kids wearing them to kindergarten.


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