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The Seeds of Discord

The #1 obstacle to experiencing spirituality in its highest form is discord. Discord is capable of breaking up the harmony that you have achieved within your heart and the harmony that you have achieved with other people within your family and within your workplace.

However, you can prevent discord from destroying your life. On, the definition of discord as a noun is dissected into five diverse meanings.

1. “Lack of concord or harmony between persons or things.”

The first key is to have harmony with other people and with other things. You must keep yourself in a buffer zone in which you do not disrupt the flow of others while at the same time not allowing for others to muddy up your flow. You bring others up to the level that you are at. You never stoop down to the level of others that are around you. Choose to remain at the higher level of spirituality so that others are required to step up their code of conduct when they are around you.

2. “Disagreement; difference of opinion.”

Realize that your opinion and the opinions of others do not even matter because all opinions are based upon assumptions. In mathematical proofs, assumptions are the lowest forms of truth. Assuming everything instead of going by proven evidence will keep you out of plenty of arguments. Thus, discord will not be able to creep in.

3. “Strife; dispute; war.”

The world is filled with so much discord because men choose to settle disputes physically instead of spiritually. Stay out of conflict with everyone.

4. “Music. An inharmonious combination of musical tones sounded together.”

In music, playing two notes at the same time that do not match up causes discord. For example, an F and F flat should not be played at the same time on a piano. Take this concept over into life. For example, you cannot say that you are practicing a healthy lifestyle if you choose not to exercise on a regular basis. Basically, have your actions match up with the words that come out of your mouth.

5. “Any confused or harsh noise; dissonance.”

Outbursts of anger must be controlled if you are looking to remain out of discord.

Hopefully, these five things will help you have a more harmonious life in the future.


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