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The Hammer is going down

Hello Everyone sorry I haven’t been on here that much but I’ve been a little tied up with things trying to get my cabin back in order after I started redoing it (rearranging things around) but I was listening to my fav channel on tv & I am glad I keep my tv on fox news while I work.

As I was listening to what he was talking about I started to cheer for what he was saying cause it’s been WAY too long since we got someone in office that gave a rats? Now we do& the more he talked the better I it was sounding, & I have to say it’s about FLIPPING time.

Trump had a Nations Governor’s meeting on how & what to do to protect the schools across the nation & I tell you what if you missed it & you have kids going to school U really need to listen to what he has to say cause rather you like him or not HE’S the President that’s GOING to make things change for the better that NO other has done.

I liked everything that everyone on here had to say about HOW to make a change for the BETTER for ALL school kids & yes it sounds off the wall but in makes sense cause as long as we HAVE soft targets in the schools the kids are at BIG danger.

You hear the democrats complaining about everything that has no merit to it & trying to find ways to get Trump OUT of office, but you sure don’t hear them on trying to make a difference on HELPING what Trump is trying to get DONE either.

If you really take the time to learn what these Democrats are about & what they STAND for you wouldn’t want them running our nation, cause their all scavengers that want to see us fall & go down with the ship, they NEED to give UP the ship. I also was listening to another fav of mine I think has a lot to say about HOW the left is & what Trump is doing has some GOOD issues on how things are& they tell it like it is & they hold no bones on what they have to say on things.

These 2 Ladies here they will surely brighten your day with what they feel on things they talk about & tell it like they see it, that’s what makes them the 2nd most fav that I enjoy listening to besides what Trump is doing.

Thank you for stopping by & giving your response I do appreciate it :>} you all have a great day & may God be with you & lets make life GREAT again, cause we can’t keep going like we are we need change ASAP!

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  1. What I understand about the school shootings in America from some You Tube channels that have been banned by You Tube like the Gabe Zolna report is that the liberals want gun control so our nation can be run by a despot who knows that the people he is charge of can do as he pleases since we the people cannot fight back.

  2. Sorry to hear about the school shooting I don’t live in USA so I really can’t give an opinion on what to do. Its a completely different place in New Zealand with a lot less people in it.
    I hope people will decide to get on with each other and try to help others and be kind..

    • I don’t know how the nation got where it is now with the way things are
      but I’m with you on people learning peace & not hate but it seems like
      we have been ignoring the mental ill people & it’s now showing us how
      they can be smarter than we give them credit for we need a change.

    • it’s kinda hard to stay out of it when your life depends on it
      or your kids or friends life, we aren’t promised tomorrow but
      we can protect what’s ours if it’s important enough right?