Where did our Faith in Humanity go?

Hello Everyone, sorry I haven’t been on in a few days but I had a problem getting on here, but I’m here now.

I would like to share something with you all & see what you all have to say about it, cause I really don’t understand where the humanity has went in our country over the years to be where & how it is now :>{I hate to hear things that people say about the good Trump is doing & know they should know better.

The things I’ve heard people say about him is really sad cause they have this thing towards hate & it’s just not right, when he has done nothing but GOOD for not just a few but for EVERYONE that he can within his power, if you were to make a list how many GOOD things could you come up with right now?

I am one that thinks he is doing what OTHER presidents SHOULD have been doing all ALONG to help keep the peace & the jobs & help the low income families we have & the homeless that is struggling day after day, those that have rude remarks of what he’s doing have no right to say anything (media)

If they don’t like what he’s doing then why haven’t THEY done the SAME THING he’s doing when THEY had the chance in office to do what they don’t like, I mean what’s the BIG DEAL? cause HE’S doing it? I also think that we should praise him for all he HAS done in the short time he’s been in the W H. :<}

This Thursday is his Birthday & we should ALL send him a tweet to wish him a happy Birthday 71 yrs& if you really want to know what he’s about OTHER than what you’ve heard or think you know about him you really should go on some of the videos & take some time to check out what he’s all about.

Our humanity has went out the window if you ask me, I use to love our country & with the way people act today is just pure inconsiderate, & have no respect for the good people of our nation that’s doing what needs to be done to make it a better place to live & enjoy life, what’s so wrong with that? the media & the left has lost it.

We needed change we needed a REAL caring, get-er-done attitude person in the W-H to show others that didn’t have the guts or courage or brains to do what this nation needed & now people want to act the way they do cause HE’S doing what needed to be done, I have to ask what on earth has happened to our society & faith?

Here’s a list of songs that the older generation in the 50’s loved cause that’s what we’re all about in life & that’s love, compassion,  forgiving, caring, future, good, change, understanding, & that’s where we NEED to be today.

I hope you can share the love around to those that have nothing GOOD to say about Trump if you are 1 that likes what all he has done & what he IS doing & what this nation can turn out to be & pray for it to last 4-ever.

This is the way the Trump rallies are when he’s on stage & the people that LOVE him are just as enthused of what all he’s doing for our nation & country & for the people, what is your take on what he’s doing for us ALL?


What do you think?

Written by EasyMoney20161

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  1. In God We Trust. It’s on our currency. But I have faith in God even if it wasn’t on the US currency. I also have faith in humanity. I have never lost faith in humanity. I believe in the power of the human spirit, especially the fervor of American patriotism. I also believe in the decency of all human beings in every part of the world and that we all would love to spill the milk on human kindness on all those around us if we could. I have never lost faith in America, the American dream, American ideals, or the intent of the founding fathers to build a great nation where all citizens are equal and free. I have never lost faith in humanity. Who is losing faith in humanity? (O.o) Why is everybody being so melodramatic these days?

    • I am right there with you, I believe in the american dream just as mush as I believe
      that GOD will see us through in life & if the nation can’t come together as 1 & love
      one another then where does that put us much less take us AS WELL as make us?

      “Why is everybody being so melodramatic these days?” from the media -fake news
      the People that WAS in in white house & the people in the fbi & congress do you
      listen to the news on how people that I’ve mentioned have been doing & saying?

      • Yeah. Figured you might say the media. I think that’s why I have NOT been affected. I stopped paying a lot of attention to the media a long time ago. Long before Trump become POTUS. In fact, one time in my life I did a complete “news blackout”. I just stopped watching the news. You know what? When I started watching the news again, nothing in the world had significantly changed.

        We need the media mainly for warnings … like natural disasters heading our way or wars that might come to fruition if we don’t act quickly or a serial killer or rapist on the loose and for if anything really really bad that is happening and powers that be are trying to cover it up.

        When it comes to the news media and social media, about 95 % of it? It’s like water that rolls off a duck’s back. It just doesn’t sink in to my brain. Most of it is just trash talk. YET! We still need freedom of the press and I fully support it!

        • well I have to agree with you there but they sure need to clean up their act
          on the OTHER stuff their doing & making things seem worse than it is ISN’T
          the way to do it & talking trash as I have watched them do on certain people.

  2. Not everyone holds the same views as you. Some people hate so much they cannot tolerate another point of view. They really cannot logically see other possibilities. Closed minds are ones that never learn.

    • I totally agree, & it’s so sad that those that can’t seem to learn what keeps
      things going is more easier than they think but rather destroy it B-4 giving it a chance.