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We need Change in our society

Hello Everyone, I have to say with sadness across our world, in our heart’s that our Society has just had more than it should have over the years, why is that?cause the attacks on our officers & our service’s that protect us has a big hole in their hearts & connections that trigger what it takes to protect EVERYONE.

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Since 9-11 it’s been getting worse, from people running over people to others shooting our officers, & everyone they can in the short time they can with whatever weapon they get their hands on, something just isn’t right in our Society. Everyone that has went off on a killing rampage is considered mentally sick why is that? have you really thought about that? cause it’s a easy COP OUT? 

YES I’d say we have a lot of people that have mental problems & a little off but how many of US haven’t had times in our lives where we want to just go off to no return? I have had a hard life in more ways I care to live with BUT I don’t have the urge or thoughts or mind set to go kill innocent people. ? When it comes to the “mentally sick” people in our Society it needs to be dealt with & being our Health facilities in this field to deal with this stuff has all went out the window & now there’s REALLY no place to take them.

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Trump had a listening session with the students & teachers & parents on what they had to say & listen to their feelings & stories & I have to say it was really sad to watch & listen to their stories & put their thoughts & anger out there. ?I would think this is a major time to get things CHANGED in our Society ASAP.I would like to share this video with you on the listening session Trump had with these people & let you hear what was all said & think if this was YOU in their place, what would you want or what SHOULD be done & how to give the kids of the future OUR future a real safe school system to learn & grow. 

This is 1 video that tares at your heart in every way, please take the consideration that this effects EVERY student across the nation that has been in school & going to school or FIXING to go to school & I Applaud those parents that HOME school. ?

Thank you for your time with this post & your thoughts & prayers as SO MANY kids are at the beck & call of change in THEIR safety everyday they go to school they deserve safety & a life as much as anyone in our society don’t you think?


What do you think?


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  1. I am impressed that Trump has these open meetings, unlike any other president. I think change is coming but as far as mental illness, it has a long wait I am afraid. Nobody knows how to work on this problem. It is not as easy fix but someone has to start somewhere. I would volunteer if I could.


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