Talk It Monday

Well, today is Monday which is one of the days that many people don’t like because it is the start of the week. This is usually the slow day and the day that no one wants to deal with but today I have been doing okay but my migraines have been messing with me. I really hate Chronic migraines and I am tired of them but I have to deal with them when it comes to the pain.

I just take my medication and go from there. I am trying to relax so that I won’t have a panic attack because they send me into panic attacks too. I have not done too much but laundry and sit at home alone until my five-year-old son got out of school and then I went and got my eight-year-old after that which was a few hours after that. I am not sitting here with my husband watching them play Marvel online.

I am happy that I get some time along now at home but it can be a little lonely but I am okay because I still have the dogs with me. I am going to start writing more than one article a day soon. I will do my weekday and weekend writings but then I will add something different like a parenting article or something along those lines. I am going to write down a few articles and share them with all of you soon.

I love writing articles and then going from there because it helps me know what I want to write and what I should be writing so that I won’t be all off track. I have a nice little book with nothing but written titles that I can write so I am sure this will be a great experience and a great way to write so that I won’t have to think about something off the top of my head because I already do that with my stories.

I hope that everyone has a great Monday and have fun even though it is Monday you can still turn up haha.


What do you think?