Storing emergency food for any reason

Hello, well I have thought about this for a LONG time & finally decided to get it started. I know there’s a chance ANYTHING could happen with the way times are these days so I suggest that if you have the space & put together what your family likes to eat it’s a SMART idea & not a bad thing to start storing food that you can have on hand.


It not just cause of the way things are going in our times right now, but for other Ideas like one that makes a lot of sense, it saves you money & lots of trips to the stores too & saves you gas & time to do other things with your family & know you have food too.

I turned a small bedroom into our food storage room & we have a good start on it from the food we been getting from the food pantries we go to, now that we have a good start on it & have our family size freezer full to the max we are good on food for a while to eat. Now I have to work on the OTHER stuff to get stored up where we don’t have to run out anytime soon like out misc things like our dish soap & laundry soap & bath soap as well as our Styrofoam plates & paper towels & toilet paper tea bags, sugar, flour, & so forth.

I have a video here that it talks about how this person got started & it’s a really good Idea like I said before, cause we all KNOW that money is tight & food is going up & times are getting tough to be away from home.

So I hope you can view the video to get a Idea on just how you can put the same idea into your life style & save you a ton of money, time, & trips to & from the store not to mention GAS that you need to run back & forth to the store to buy stuff.

Thank you for stopping by & checking this out I hope you can put it into action in your family & it’s not just for a family but it can work for single people as well too I’d like to hear your thoughts & ideas on this & share your tips if your doing this.

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