Storing emergency food for any reason

Hello, well I have thought about this for a LONG time & finally decided to get it started. I know there’s a chance ANYTHING could happen with the way times are these days so I suggest that if you have the space & put together what your family likes to eat it’s a SMART idea & not a bad thing to start storing food that you can have on hand.

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It not just cause of the way things are going in our times right now, but for other Ideas like one that makes a lot of sense, it saves you money & lots of trips to the stores too & saves you gas & time to do other things with your family & know you have food too.

I turned a small bedroom into our food storage room & we have a good start on it from the food we been getting from the food pantries we go to, now that we have a good start on it & have our family size freezer full to the max we are good on food for a while to eat. Now I have to work on the OTHER stuff to get stored up where we don’t have to run out anytime soon like out misc things like our dish soap & laundry soap & bath soap as well as our Styrofoam plates & paper towels & toilet paper tea bags, sugar, flour, & so forth.

I have a video here that it talks about how this person got started & it’s a really good Idea like I said before, cause we all KNOW that money is tight & food is going up & times are getting tough to be away from home.

So I hope you can view the video to get a Idea on just how you can put the same idea into your life style & save you a ton of money, time, & trips to & from the store not to mention GAS that you need to run back & forth to the store to buy stuff.

Thank you for stopping by & checking this out I hope you can put it into action in your family & it’s not just for a family but it can work for single people as well too I’d like to hear your thoughts & ideas on this & share your tips if your doing this.


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    • no I just go to 3 food pantries once a month &
      we stock up on most the food & eat very little
      plus I cook up some foods & freeze it where
      I don’t have to cook everyday or every week.