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Relationships are the essence of our lives

Man is a communicating being. He interacts with other people, with animals and plants. We live only because of relationships. Relationships are the essence of our lives.

Laurent Gounelle describes an experiment in how one ruler who knew many languages wanted to learn the language of God as well. He thought that only babies would know it, who still not speak the human language.

He separated them from their mothers. Breastfeeders were told to take care only of their physiological needs. And at this moment, not to communicate, not to love. The lord soon finished the experiment without learning the language of God. No baby survived.

That’s it. Man needs a man. So go and hug your loved ones. And to communicate. Communicate. Communicate. By words,  thoughts,  body language, glances, heart, play,  dance, on the phone… As you are able – that will be fine. And if it will not be good – well, at least you’ll know that you tried your best at that moment.

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