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The Silent Killer That Eats Away Part After Part Of Your Body

How refreshing is that stick of a cigarette dangling in your fingers? Maybe it relaxes your nerves yet is it worth it? Outlined below are some parts that the stick and the smoke eats away.

10. Hair

Hair loss is one of the results of that stick of a cigarette. Do you know that cigarette smoking damages hair roots by disrupting of blood circulation in the scalp?

Funny as it is yet very fatal. Boldness is settling in due to that smoke. Prudence says you shun it.

9. Face And Body

A smooth beautiful and graceful body is what we all want. The fact that we are wonderfully and fearfully made holds some water.

Yet the cigarette wants to preach differently. The body gives in to the smoke and begins to wrinkle. One looks older with a disheveled body adorning etched lines around the lips and eyes.

Pathetic! Yet we hold firm on that stick of a cigarette. We guard it vehemently as if we were born with it.

8. Skin

Gosh! Look at that! Horrible! That is courtesy of smoking. It brings about skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. It may also cause cancer of the skin.

Are you still holding that smoldering cigarette stick? Oh, sorry, you are an addict? Stopping is in your mind and with you. Just decide and do.

7. Eyes

Now our eyes are windows into our bodies. They are what feels us with light to appreciate the life around us. We perceive great things with our eyes.

Yet the cigarette smoke won’t allow that to be. It makes eyes develop cataracts. Maybe this is due to constant irritation of the eye by tobacco smoke. It may lead to blindness.

Blind people only see darkness. They do not appreciate light. Is it worth that smoke?

6. Ears

The old adage that hear no evil, see no evil and do no evil seems to apply here. The eyes having been destroyed, the cigarette smoke jumps to the ears.

It damages the ears and may lead to meningitis. Reduced blood flow into the ears and infection leads to hearing loss.

A deaf and blind smoker indeed! No wonder one does not hear or see the dangers that smoking does to the addict.

5. Lungs

One needs to breath well. The body needs to get plenty supply of oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. We do these by the help of our lungs.

Yet smoking brings lung cancer and interferes with the ability to take in oxygen and release car on dioxide. OMG! This is in fact a silent killer.

4. Teeth

You want your teeth discolored? Ok, you do not care. What about tooth decay and bad breath? You brush your teeth and these are no problems. There are also ulcers in the mouth that are difficult to heal. And the reason for this – smoking! Something needs to be done. Don’t you think so?

3. Bones

Weak and lighter bones that break easily may be courtesy of smoking. Don’t we give such credit to smoking? Is it ruling our bodies?

2.  Heart

Now when that smoke interferes with the engine of the body, the heart, than one is finished. The heart beats faster than normal. Smoking is also the leading factor to heart disease.

It seems that smoke does not want to leave any part of the body intact. It seems to invade to disable. Do we have any hope? Yes. We have the will to stop it before it stops us.

1. Stomach.

Smoking reduces the ability of the stomach to protect its walls against the damage from acids and enzymes that digest food. Wow! All these and we still turn a deaf ear.

Smoking is a silent killer and should be avoided like plague. Do you agree with me?


What do you think?

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Written by stbrians


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  1. Great information for smokers, the ones that want to quit smoking, the others will probably just scroll past like so many do that believe that they will stop when ready or think they don’t need to.

    You are correct, just decide and stick to it!

    • I was a smoker for over 30 yrs. As I laid in the hospital after my first Heart Attack, I decided then and there to stop smoking.
      No it was not as difficult as you believe, because that is exactly what it takes to stop, the ‘Belief’​ that you do not need to smoke.

      I stopped then and there, yes it was true that I could not go outside to smoke, but as that was the case, I had a conversation in my head every time the thought of ‘Needing’ a smoke came to me.

      I said to myself, I can wait, I can wait for a little while more. Then I kept doing that and telling myself that it was not as bad as I thought it would be to quit, I got out of the hospital in a couple of days and have not smoked since.
      Every time I craved a smoke, I just talked myself into waiting a little longer before having one.

      When I did things that I Always had a cigarette after, like eating, drinking alcohol, etc, I did something to keep busy and used that conversation in my head, it worked!

      You can do it, not by using all the stuff that you have to buy and never work, but just by Believing that you are just putting it off till later, but later never comes.

      Hope that helps! ?

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