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Self Discovery From Moving

You discover a lot about yourself and your family when you move.  Back in May, my husband and I decided, it was time to get out of the trailer park.  The trailer was falling apart around us and we just did not have the money to fix it.  We needed a new roof and the bathroom floor was slowly caving in.  When our heater died on us in the middle of winter and we discover it would cost over $4000 to get a new one.  That was when we decided, we had to get out of the trailer park.  It just wasn’t worth the money it would cost to fix the trailer.

We found a house to rent, and the owners wanted us in quickly.    Yes, the house is bigger than the trailer.  We have a yard and a deck.  The neighborhood is a lot better.  I do not have to worry about people selling drugs on the corner.

I decluttered my house back in March.  I mean I got rid of so much stuff.  I filled my whole yard with trash bags.  I had to call and have a special pickup for all the stuff that I got rid of.  But, my husband is a hoarder and a collector.  We still had so much stuff, it took us a month to move everything.

It was difficult.  I do not understand how we had so much stuff in that trailer.  I got rid of what seemed like a ton of stuff before we moved.   I packed every day for three months and there was still so much more to pack.  Lucky for me, my nephew helped.  We ended up  losing some things.   Nothing that could not be replaced.  The only thing that I lost that I really miss was a set of good knives, my mother got me.

I discovered that over the years I have collected way too much stuff.  Ever since we moved, I am still getting rid of things.  Although, the move was very stressful and I am still recovering from the sore muscles I have from moving all of our stuff.  I am happy here.  Like any place there are things I dislike about it.  We do not have good water pressure and the place never seems to stay clean.  I am always doing something.  It is bigger and we all have our own space.  I finally have a small home office, that I have always wanted.  I no longer work from my couch.  We have a big backyard where my son can finally have a garden.  My husband was in love with the place from the start.  His best friend is right next door.

Although it seemed like it took forever to get everything into the new place.  We are still looking for stuff.  Living out of boxes for a few months is not fun.  And, the stress of the move seemed to drive my whole family crazy for a short time.  I am happy that it’s all over.  Now, we can enjoy our new place.

You never know, how much strength you have until you move.  Moving brings out the best and worst in you.  I went four straight days without sleep during this move.  There were times when I thought I would die.  But, I made it through.  I learned just how strong of a person I really am.  Thank God it’s all over.  Moving is not something I want to do again,  for a very long time.

Content and photos by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2019 all right reserved

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  1. You got that right! And maybe, just maybe I will be moving too. When I move I will also be setting up a store!!

    I know you are happy with the space, and you will adjust. As you are moving up into a bigger space I might be moving down to a smaller place. LOL.

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