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Seasons of Life

Life has Seasons, and in it changes. After all it is life!

Can’t help but think of Vivaldi’s Seasons a classical piece of music. You need to listen to all of it to appreciate it. 

There are many different views of Autumn or the time of your life you are experiencing where ever you are. 

Abstract photo of leaves.

It may be photographic , or a painting

This is my watercolour painting of Havelock North. I took a photo of this place when I walked by a cafe in Havelock North with my Aunty Cara, and decided to paint it although the painting is not exactly the same as it has been altered.

This painting is with her.

Another season, Winter a watercolour by me.

A winter photo, view of Mt Victoria and North Head from Aucklands waterfront taken in July.

The lighting and shadow of the clouds on the Waitemata Harbour.

and also Spring Watercolour by me, somewhat made up but based on a figure.

Also reflective Black Swan family and cygnets in Western Springs

Finally summer another water colour. I did not know what to do with her hands. so maybe she is chasing her toddler who has gone running off into trouble. Toddlers are very impulsive.

and another photo of summer, Muriwai Beach.

Seasons of change, life is often changing and we need to make the most of what we have in our hands to do. 

What do you think?

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    • Thanks LaJenna, talent is not the entry ticket in New Zealand to the art world. You pay $2,000.00 to hold an art exhibition for a month here in Auckland plus you have to pay %50 -%60 percent commission if you manage to sell a painting.
      The people in Auckland that buy don’t like classical art, they want art with no meaning because they think it’s intelligent.
      There are a few that actually like ordinary art, but those ones that do, hate going to art galleries in Auckland because, they don’t like the art work on the walls.
      The rich people who buy the art in Auckland do it because other people tell them it is good. and most of them buy for investment, they buy and only on a the artists name.
      they stick the painting in a cubboard and don’t even look at the painting.

      Its useless selling art in Auckland. Some sell their art work but actually lose money as a artist. I do it for interest but there is no opportunity here.
      Rich people close ranks and deliberately cut out people who are not in their circle, so they keep the art galleries and the profits for only themselves.

      It is the way it is, you can never make money from art unless you are one of the rich.

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