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Quote Challenge Day 2 – Rumi

Thanks again to Carol DM for nominating me for the Quote Challenge! I have chosen to feature the Sufi mystic Rumi for my Day 2 Quote Challenge.

Here are my favorite Rumi quotes:

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi

This could mean two things to me, one is that the voice is our intuition. But I think there is a deeper meaning, in that it is the voice of the Universe who speaks to us in synchronicities, numbers, dreams and symbols. The Universe “nudges” us to pay attention to it’s message, for instance to look at the clock during certain times. I think this is the Universe speaking to us,and giving us messages we are then supposed to decode.

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” Rumi

All of us have an inner sense of “knowing” of what is right and what is wrong, thus follow your heart. Our conscience is built in, and a gift from God. I think this quote also means to “follow your heart” in the sense of follow what you love, instead of following your base instincts,and also following what other’s have set out for you.

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same.” Rumi

This means to me that we are all one consciousness, in different bodies, for a fleeting moment. Then we eventually all go back to the ONE consciousness. Separation is only an illusion.

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