Quote Challenge #2: Believe-Life-God

I want to thank Della for nominating me. Della’s posts always leave me feeling great. Some of them are full of color along with her great insight into this world.  I admire her style of writing. She talks about life in general, and her poems always leave me feeling good about the day. Here is a link to her posts:


Here are my three quotes for today

 Quote #1

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“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.”– Williams James

This quote is very powerful for the mind to ponder upon. The first part talks about not being afraid of life. We should always remember that life is worth everything. I have told my family before that I will fight for every last breath that I take. Life is precious and oh so short. Never take even a single breath for granted. Live without fear, and see how far this life will take you.

Believe in everything this world stands for, and watch how believing can help create many great things.

 Quote #2

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“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”– Dennis P. Kimbro

This quote should help people know that they can’t always control what happens, but they can control how they react to it.

I know someone who takes care of someone that is disabled. This person has gone through many hardships. This person never gives up, and now this person can control her attitude most of all.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is all about learning how to handle difficult situations without allowing the stress level to go beyond the normal. Here is a link that explains more about cognitive behavioral therapy.

This type of therapy may help more people talk more and react better. Reacting poorly to stressful situations can be harmful to the health and your loved ones. The second quote of this challenge should help concerned people realize that even though they may be going through many hardships, they can learn how to react in better ways to the problems that they face.

 Quote #3


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“Then I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a bit of talent left, and could say, I used everything you gave me.” Quote- Erma Bombeck

This quote is more than a little penetrating to mankind’s heart. People, in general, want to do well in life. They just need to ask God to give them the knowledge, and then they will use that talent to the best of their abilities

This quote makes me think about judgment day, and pray God says we used all of the talents that He gave us very well. Standing before God will mean owning up for all we have done for Him, or not done for Him. (Just my opinion)

My nominees to keep the Quote Challenge alive are:

Carol DM

Carol DM is such a great writer and friend to all here at virily. She writes about so many different topics-Fro  sunsets, to animals, to even rainbows, her writing will soon make you a fan of her writings. She posts great quizzes that will just make you have to take them. She just posted a quiz about the Afterlife and it was great. Must not forget about her great poetry writing skills.  Here is a link to her page:

Carol DM

 Albert Herdianto Widjojo

His writing inspired me to try to interpret abstract art.  He can make a story out of many different types of artwork. The artwork he interprets is always full of bright colors.  I know his quotes will be full of great meaning as well. Here is the link to his page.

Albert Herdianto Widjojo

Cassy Janine

This lady writes about many different topics. She puts together interesting quizzes. She always put great photos to match her topics, which always makes you want to read all about them. Get to know this great writer. Here is the link to her page.

Cassy Janine

I had planned on nominating someone else but hers will be next.



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  1. Superb! I am proud of your choice of quotes, LaJenna. It’s true, that life must be based on belief especially on true principles. With that, we must be daring to face life, because, in fact, more people are afraid to live than fear of death! With confidence too, we will always feel peace and quiet because we know for sure that God is always with us, forever!


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