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How to Calm Down Yourself When Feeling Angry

There are times that we feel so angry at something or someone. But then, they don’t know how to calm down oneself. If they continue to be angry for a long period of time, it can compromise the heart’s normal function. It is also believed that heart ailments will be the outcome of continues being under the spell of anger. Human beings have so many emotions. Anger is a normal reaction. However, it should deal with it in some simple ways to calm down.

Talk the feelings to someone or somebody

It is a very convenient way to talk with someone or somebody. We need to be sure that this person is a good listener. If not, it will add up to frustration over the angry feelings. It will not calm the troubled soul if talking to oneself. Talking with so/meone or somebody doesn’t need to ask their opinions about the anger feeling. It is plain to vent out the load that causes the anger.

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Take a deep breath and exhale slowly

Taking a deep breath through the nose and exhale the air slowly through the mouth is the best way to unload the angry feelings. It can be done for three times and give time to relax. If it is more than three times, it can cause hyperventilation.

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Think it over the feelings

Some people go in a certain corner of the house and rethink to what makes you feel so angry. This kind of way is reflecting on what’s really happened. When you had reached the point of knowing the triggering factors. Then, try to deal with it and calm down will be the end result.

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Count numbers

Individuals who cannot their anger, it can be possible for them to count. Counting can divert one’s attention temporarily. After achieving the calmness of the soul, the mind can think clearly and facing the cause of anger. You can able to think straight and learn to deal with personal issues or concerns.

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Draw your feelings on a piece of paper

If you wanted to be inside the room, then take the time to have a piece of paper and draw something in it. Whatever the imagination wanted to relay as an output. Then, it is better to make it into a piece of paper. It calms down while taking all the artistic skills from within.

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Take a walk outside the house

There are times that a house seems so crowded. It is the best option to walk outside such as the park, playground, garden, etc. While you are walking, the feeling of anger will ease up. Seeing people or anything around the place while walking can be entertaining. It brushes off the anger felt towards of something or someone.

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Write the anger feelings

Writing the anger feelings can be useful. You can release the tension. Some people prefer to write in their personal journals. The narrative way of doing it is better. It can tackle all the details of anger. After a few days, it can be laughable items for being so angry at something or someone.

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Run the feelings

It is also nice to have a good run in the park. Once you had some running, it calms down yourself and makes you feel healthy. It is better to run in out and enjoy the scenery while doing it.

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Sing it with a song

For the music lover, it is best to sing the anger with his or her favorite songs. It cannot be denied that it will lessen the burden of being in deep anger. The music can calm oneself and enjoy the songs while singing the heart out. The tone of the songs and the lovely voice can calm down the troubled soul.

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Written by Steven Gamboa

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