Proper Timing

Having all of the information that you need will not help you out in life unless you know when you should apply yourself to wisdom whenever circumstances arise. Instead of letting life steamroll you over, use wisdom to counterattack upon your situation.

However, you cannot overcome in life without having the proper timing. Intuition is necessary in order to formulate that stored knowledge within your brain and within your heart into a solution for your life and for the lives of others around you. This type of intuition must be cultivated so that you will be able to experience victorious living.

In order to fine-tune your intuition, proper timing must be utilized. For example, your intuition tells you when you are hungry. If you do not eat at the proper times when you feel hungry, then you will become famished and malnourished.

We live in an age of information when anyone can access information instantly via computers and mobile phones. However, that information is absolutely useless without execution. Proper timing is the bridge between information and execution. Here are a couple of tips on how you can improve your timing.

1. Minimize your weaknesses. The less amount of time that you are distracted, the better your timing will become whenever situations arise. If you are distracted, then you will not be able to react when a circumstance pops up out of thin air. Focus on the journey ahead instead of focusing upon your previous mistakes. Focus upon your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Focus on the future instead of the past. You will make less mistakes when you choose to progress forward. For example, if one of your weaknesses is anger management, then quit focusing upon things in the past that make you angry.

2. Give total effort. In everything that you say and do, give 100 percent effort. The flaw in many lives is that one considers giving total effort is working hard. However, having a strong work ethic is only half of the battle. The other half of the battle is speaking with total effort as well. Disciplining the tongue will direct you into future opportunities within your life.

I will use a horse as an example for speech discipline. The horse is one of the strongest animals upon earth, but its movements can be controlled once a bit is placed in the horse’s mouth. If a horse is going the wrong way, the rider can pull on the reins and cause for the horse to go into a different direction. Speaking the right words will cause for you to go in the right direction.

Once you work on these two concepts, then you will no longer have problems with timing. You will be able to pounce upon opportunities that will unexpectedly come your way. You will be able to observe things that others will not be able to observe because your timing has become precise. Precision eliminates mistakes.


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