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Prince Harry found new job ? Here is the reality !

The image of Prince Harry, who left the royal family’s special status, has gone viral in which he appears to be working. After separation from the family, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are based in England, including children, both living separately from the royal family.

Once again, the royal prince’ prince Harry were under discussion on social networking site. because sharing their picture, the user tried to tell that Prince Harry is now forced to work for a living. Internet users shared this photo with their own opinion without confirmation, but now its reality has come to front.

An image that went viral on the Internet is actually an ad posted in 2016 and the person in the picture is Sam Pengley, a professional model.


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  1. First of all looking at that my thought is that if he has a job it is as a model for ads. Second I am sure he realizes that he could write about so many things like the royal family and everyone would buy the books like crazy so he has many different opportunities and much more than anyone else

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