If it’s a one night stand – Money matters do not matter but..

Hi Guys and Gals! Today I’m in different mood so I want to talk something different as well. I am sure when you’re in the first phase of love or should I say romance money doesn’t matter much. Or putting it in other words you sure don’t want to think in terms of money … not spending money sounds so unsexy during beginning of the love affair… isn’t it?

Let me think about probabilities whether I should be splitting the bills or pay for the date. I don’t think I would think in terms of splitting the bill or let her pay for me which was not uncommon until yesterday but then we were just friends.

I am sure you would agree with me that many relationships end when it comes to money or finance when it takes a front seat because too many couples forget the hard realities the finance side has its impact on relationships.

I agree that none of the partners asks questions about other partner’s net worth, about their financial assets, money value or if their partner has debts to pay or don’t ask to show their tax returns etc. However, the fact remains that money has a major role in broken relationships.

But, and it’s a straight forward question whether you should ask questions about your partner’s financial position or you believe in “Love is blind”. I know, you should not ask it if it’s a hmmm a “One Night stand” there is no fun asking about money related questions but if it’s going to be a long term relation then why not! After all money is an important factor in life and we should talk about it openly.


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag