Playing Him like a Piano – part 5

Kat had begun her plan in her room at the dorm. Her roommate was gone, as she was every weekend. That is why her beloved Damian was with her.

“Kat,” Dami had said, sitting on her bed, “Simone is going to pay my way, wants me to marry her.”

Katherine Townsend showed no reaction. They had been dealing with it for the past four years. Dealing with the fact that she and her beloved did not have money.

Dealing with the reality that University degrees were expensive, and none so much as medicine.

Damian was studying medicine.

Kat could remember the resigned look on Damian’s face as he explained;

“Simone wanted to do it during Spring Break but I diverted her to the  summer… I need to study, I need the grades… blah blah.”

Kat had nodded, because she understood.

She knew Dami didn’t love any bit of Simone but her money, and was going to marry her for it.

When he reached his ‘target’,  when Dami no longer needed Simone’s money, he would divorce her.


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Written by jaylar

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