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My Plans for the Rest of the Year After Losing My Job

So…I lost my job last week and was devastated for a week or so. I’m over it now and seriously making out plans for how the rest of the year will go.

Luckily, I make dresses (used to be my side business but is now my main main) and have been getting a steady inflow of clients (Thank God!).

I’m now down to making at least two dresses daily. Its sometimes tasking, but also fun.

I have also reactivated my writing careers on Amazon KDP and Virily and hope these pick up soon.

Thankfully, I love writing and spending time in these sites so its a win-win all the way.

My Plan for the Year

I never want to be caught unawares ever again so will seriously look into investing. Every income I earn will be split in three: one part goes right back into my business to grow it, one part will be kept for my upkeep and the last will be set aside to be saved and later invested.

How Far I Have Gone with My Plans?

Not so far, seeing as I’ve only implemented it just one week, lol. However, it’s looking promising and I’m seriously encouraged to continue.

Thanks for taking he time to read my musings.


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  1. You really have a good plan out there. I am sure it will work out nicely as your dresses are really lovely! Perhaps losing the job actually helps you to grow BIGGER and better. Some entrepreneurs actually started from losing their daily job. I thought of becoming a freelancer when I quit my job, but I didn’t make it. 😛

    • Thanks!

      I tried freelancing two years back and the pressure of trying to meet up with the deadline almost killed me. Lol. But then again, I’m guessing that happened because I took on more jobs than I could handle.

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