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Mittens For Detroit a smashing success for needy people

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Actress Erin Cummings is the founder of a charity called “Mittens For Detroit” that was started in 2010 as a way for the actress who is showing concern for needy people in the Motor City who did not have mittens during the winter period.

“Mittens For Detroit is a charity that gives free mittens to people in the Detroit region who cannot afford to buy the needed clothing to avoid frostbite during the winter months.

Cummings used her star power to ask businesses in the Detroit region to have box full of mittens that she personally gave away to the needy people in the Motor City which is a wonderful idea to show people that not all celebrities live in a fantasy world and tell us to do our part to make the world a better place during their public appearances in an awards show or promoting their movies on television talk shows.

The charity has been a huge hit in Detroit according to Wendy Shepherd who is the executive director of the “Mittens For Detroit”.

Even though Cummings due to health problems since has experienced since 2016 which has sidelined her from working with the charity in person since she wants to be the breast cancer illness she is facing at this time which I can understand her decision to focus her energy and effort to recover as soon a possible.

However Cummings is hoping by setting a good example of starting “Mittens For Detroit” in 2010 that after she is no longer with us, the charity will continue to do wonderful deeds for the needy in Detroit and in other parts of the world that face the challenge of not having mittens or warm clothing during the winter months which can be brutal.


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  1. Thanks again for sharing the good news, and inspiring me to do the same. I’ve been very negative about the lack of technological progress for the past two decades and it was past time I learned to make peace with it…