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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 7): The Gathering

The proof that you are making an impact in this world is based upon the following you amass.  In this world, you need help from others in order to defeat your enemy.  You must choose to be social in a society in which technology tends to keep people isolated within their own bubble.  Break the glass ceiling in life by building up a gathering.  As with all of the other parts, here are four steps.

1. Unity. You must find a topic that a person that is not talking about so that you can draw people in. That topic will be the topic in which you unify a group of people on your behalf. For example, I use this new topic of manifestation over rebellion to create a following.  After the following is created, then I continue to write different facets of the topic in order to maintain this group unified by this topic.

The proof that I am making an impact is based upon those that have chosen to grasp this topic. Here are the results:  my Twitter handle has over 6,000 followers.  I speak about valuable subjects that unify the masses instead of speaking out of thin air.  I maintain my followers due to two things that I look for in them.  I look for people that are unique.  To make a difference, you need people around you that are different. The second quality that I look for in people are people that can absorb and process information. Milk is for beginners; I provide solid food from the perspective of spirituality that must be processed.

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2. Conquer your opponent.  Once you have your following, you can then go out and destroy your enemy.  Never underestimate your enemy.  Never become complacent.  Always have the mindset to conquer every time that you fight.  Realize that an enemy chooses to fight you because he or she thinks that he or she is stronger than you.  When anyone decides to fight you, then unleash the gathering upon them.

3. Take the spoil.  In war, the victors keep the spoils.  Once you defeat your opponent, take the spoil because the spoils give you a reminder of the victory that you achieved. Those memories will help you out in your next battle. Keep winning.

4. Relax. Once you complete a battle, you must reserve your energy for the next war that you have to go through.  Relax!  You must learn how to wind down after devastating your opponent so that you do not hurt anyone that you hold in high regard within your life. Once you learn this final concept, then your gathering will be out for blood each and every time that you go to war.

Do not become entangled with the affairs of this life.  Maintain your gathering and stay strong!


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