Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 14): Mercy

Holding grudges is the worst thing that you can hold on to because those enemies that you are in contention with have already moved on while you continue to relive the horrifying experience over and over again.  Having mercy towards all of mankind is the only sign that you have allowed for the pendulum of vengeance to become a wrecking ball within the lives of your enemies.

Do not allow for the bums to keep you mired with the mediocre masses.  Having mercy towards others allows for you to propel yourself to higher levels within your life.  I now bring to you four different ways that you can develop your mercy.

1. Expand your horizons.  You must learn how to reach forward in every facet within your life.  You must develop ways on how you can make yourself more efficient.  The key is not to compare yourself with others because each and every person is unique.  Comparing yourself to others always leads to failure.  Focus on what level you are in your life and then look for ways that you can reach the next level.  That’s when your horizons will be expanded because the higher the level that you reach, the less amount of traffic you have to deal with on a daily basis.

2. Confirm that you walk in order.  As you continue to expand, you will have to reach certain benchmarks in this journey called life.  You must confirm to yourself that you are walking in the desired order for your life.  Whatever goals that you have set for yourself must be accomplished on a regular basis.  If you are not reaching those goals, then you need to switch up how you operate on a daily basis.

3. Take a stand.  You must find something to fight for in your life.  If you do not take a stand, then everyone will run over you.  Stand even though you see everyone else wandering through life without any purpose.  Your stance will define your purpose.  Stand even when circumstances seem unfavorable.  Storms are temporary.

4. Evaluate yourself.  Introspection is crucial within your life.  If you are focusing upon helping yourself, then you will not criticize others.  Also, others that are looking for answers will begin to look to you for help.  Be merciful enough to help others and you will see yourself skyrocketing to the top.

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Written by ahol888

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