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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 11): Wisdom

Being a know-it-all does not guarantee victory over the opposition. Having knowledge is totally different from actually using the knowledge that you know. The application of knowledge in circumstances that help you solve issues in life is wisdom. Too many people are able to access all sorts of data via the Internet, but what will really set you apart is taking all of the information and turning it into production. Here are four reasons why you should choose to operate in wisdom instead of in failure and ignorance.

1. Wisdom gives you more accessibility.  The more wisdom that you access, the more doors of opportunity will be presented to you.  For example, this post will be seen by eyes throughout the entire globe because of the opportunity given here by In the future, some new door of opportunity will open up because people who lack wisdom always want to be around someone that possesses wisdom. People gravitate towards manifestation instead of rebellion, which is why this series is in its 11th session.

2. A good result of wisdom is wealth.  Once you continue to acquire wisdom, then you will operate in life more efficiently because you will be using your knowledge to increase in skill. Better work always eventually leads to better pay.  Working hard does not increase your pay wage; working with better skill does.

3. Wisdom increases your honor.  People do not respect other people, but people will respect results. Utilizing wisdom will allow for others to see your favorable results.  Instead of looking to others for leadership, others will begin to follow your lead. Be the light instead of being the moth around the light.

4. Wisdom brings out your uniqueness. Society attempts to put everyone in this world into one huge box. Do not become a victim of population control. The knowledge that you acquire and convert into wisdom will allow for you to escape that box and to not be pulled back into that box like crabs in a bucket.

You will see a major difference within three weeks if you take the knowledge that you have and apply your heart to that information.  You will definitely experience a boost in the four things that were listed above.

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  1. Two major benefits of wisdom that you didn’t call out here are that wisdom prevents you from making the same mistakes over and over again, plus it can help you avoid making bad choices to begin with…

    But obviously you didn’t have the bandwidth to enumerate all the virtues of wisdom in this excellent post