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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 9): What do you know?

In this time that we live in, anyone in the world has unlimited access to information due to the advancement of the internet.  Even though we have access to all of this data, many people throughout the world are still mired in mediocrity because they have not processed the information within their minds. Once data is processed by the brain, that information becomes knowledge. Here are four steps that you can use to find out what you really do know.

1. Focus on what you do know.  Here is the definition of knowledge from  “acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition.” Instead of letting information go out of one ear and into the other, take the time and do the research. Studying will allow for you to weed out the untruths that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Do not think that something is true solely because your ancestors did them.  For example, in Africa, some of the people believe that “the bones of people with albinism contain gold” and that “sex with a person with albinism can cure HIV.”  This example is not from the 1400’s; this news story from CBS was reported in 2016!  Do not fall into the trap of doing something or believing something because everyone else does.  Focus on what you do know and find out the truth for yourself.  Do not allow for propaganda to delude your mind.

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2. Consequences. This step is very simple.  Realize that every wrong action has a consequence. Stop blaming ignorance on why you make mistakes.  People do things wrong because they are unaware of how dire the consequences will be with every wrong action.  The instant gratification of the wrong act clouds the brain from focusing upon the knowledge of what happens after the wrong act is completed.

3. Do not make yourself vile. To become vile is to do things or to say things to other people for the purpose of offending them.  Intentionally looking to hurt someone proves that a person lacks knowledge.

4. Restrain others from not doing dumb stuff.  If you see someone close to you doing something you know that is totally stupid, then you should step up and say something.  The proof that you have knowledge is that you are able to impart your knowledge to others. Most of the time, a person will not listen to your advice or to your counsel. However, this clears your conscience from whatever happens to that idiot in the future.

Basically, what you do know will determine your level of success in this world.  Taking hold of knowledge will allow for more favorable events to manifest within your life while also preventing yourself from rebelling against those truths that you possess.

Sources:; CBS News.


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