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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 8): Tarrying

Tarrying for your desired result can lead to some harrowing situations because we are all taught to solve our problems as quickly as possible. However, we all must allow for some time to be given so that obstacles can be removed from your path.

Obstacles can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Some examples include a financial setback, an attack from a co-worker or from someone who has betrayed you as a friend, or an issue with health. These types of situations cannot be solved magically in one day. You will have to outlast the negative circumstances so that your mind does not become overwhelmed by your present position. If you have read the other parts of this lifestyle series, then you know that you will read about four steps that will give you the patience that you need to weather the storms in your life.

1. Wait. The word tarry is an ancient word that simply means to wait.  As I mentioned in the earlier paragraph, the negative circumstances within life can be seen as being like a storm. This analogy will give you the courage to withstand any attack against you because a storm does not last forever. Usually, a storm will last for a day or two before the storm moves on.  As a quick way to prove this fact to you, think about something that bothered you a few months ago and then think about something that you are dealing with right now. Normally, these two situations will be completely different. Wait for the storm to go away because sunny days are coming.

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2. Expect good results.  If you do not expect for something good to happen in your life, then you will not be able to break the negative cycle within your life. Do not remain hopeless. Look for the light in the tunnel in every situation. Always look at the solution instead of the problem.

3. Pick yourself up.  In some situations, the only solution for you is to act. If you are sinking in quicksand, then you would do everything within your power to get yourself out of the muck and the mire. If you have received help from others and if you are still in the same problem after being bailed out, then you will need to re-evaluate some things within your life that needs to be fixed. Pick yourself up in order to become the best person that you can be despite of the mediocre masses that are around you on a daily basis.

4. Stay well. Once you are out of the situation that you were in, you will have to remain out of the situation.  You will have to change your pattern of life because old patterns will lead to the same old problems that you have dealt with in the past. What are some things that are in your daily routine that you know that you need to eliminate? After eliminating the parts from your routine that are unnecessary, you must then find something else more positive to fill that void.


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  1. I think the important thing to take away here is that all these solutions are ones that you have direct control over- you don’t need buy in or permission from anyone else to do these things… This is the definition of empowerment


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