Manifestation over Rebellion (Intro)

In this world today, rebellion is running rampant. Countries throughout the world are threatening to split instead of staying unified in their communities. People choose to rebel against their own selves by choosing to do things that goes against their own conscience. The greatest mystery that has not been solved is why people choose to do things that they know to be wrong.

In the past, the problem has been that others have attempted to solve why a person knowingly chooses to do wrong even though the consequences affect himself or herself and those around the person making the incorrect choice. Grasping why a person selects horrible lifestyle choices does not fix the conundrum because each and every person is imperfect.

However, the key to thwarting rebellion is to gradually minimize the imperfections whenever they arise to the surface.  Manifestations from within must be released in order to prevent rebellion from growing. Perceptions of victory must turn into triumphs in reality.

The mathematical concept behind this series is shown in the fraction of 3/13. The number three symbolizes manifestation as we live in a three-dimensional world.  The number thirteen represents rebellion. To gain further insight on the number 13, then see why so many people experience triskaidekaphobia.

The two numbers are intertwined in a very special way. 3 divided by 13 equals .2307692307.  Add those ten numbers together and the sum will be 39, which is 3 x 13.  Three times 13 represents the manifestation of rebellion.  The insight from numerics shows that the manifestation of rebellion must be dealt with a manifestation that is at a higher plane than the rebellion.

Throughout this series that I will embark upon, I will show you different manifestations that you can utilize in order to defeat any form of rebellion within your life.  The insights will begin with Part one which will be released on Sunday, September 17, 2017.

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