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On November 8th before wanderlust took me away, I left you with a hanging question: “If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character, would you slow down or speed up?”

In case this is the first time you are reading my works, please know that I am tackling the subjects of life and death. As such, it would probably be best to check out the first two articles before you go on reading for better understanding. The topics are entitled “Life’s Meaning and Purpose”, which you can read here and “Does Suicide End Suffering?” is right here.

The troule with our mindset is that most people are wired to think life and living in the future tense. We are here in this moment but every effort we ever made is meant to better our station in the coming days. Apparently, it is simply difficult for us to LIVE in the NOW. We are busy with various works, yes. We are caught up in many things like earning money so we can bring food to our tables – or so we can pay bills, mortgages, loans and debts – or so we can save up for a house, car, latest gadgets or that dream holiday somewhere.

Meanwhile, time and life pass by unnoticed…unappreciated.

We have the same attitude towards death. Death is something we see as an event that will happen in the future – not just now when we are building our illusory castles in the air. Hence, we refuse to acknowledge its reality despite the fact that (according to World Health Organization) there are 56 million people that die every year averaging to approximately 153,424 (exact number varies) daily counts. Death happens Yet, we act as if it does not exist and indulge ourselves with the many earthly distractions and temporary pleasures to be had within our reach.

Whenever a trickle of sanity hits us and we try to grapple the reality of death, we concern ourselves about how we – or that essence of us – can survive after we die. That is why we either believe there is heaven where the good ones will go (and hell for the evil doers) or we believe there is a cycle of rebirth. Different concepts exist but the bottomline is the same – the goal for perpetuity.

Nonetheless, our life right now is our primary business. Dealing with it by either speeding it up or slowing it down does not address the purpose of our existence. The message is plain – WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT NO MATTER WHAT.

ADI DA SAMRAJ said: Death is not your concern. There is no reason to seek death, no reason to leave this world unnaturally. For very real and unreasonable reasons, this psycho-physical manifestation is given to you to deal with; and it is fitted to the qualities of your karmic and pre-conscious dependence. Conditional existence is a continual test, and it contains the continual possibility for lessons, of freedom, for liberation in the Divine, for a truly (or divinely) humorous life in Real God (Reality). This life is very much your appropriate business, rather than just philosophical and metaphysical ruminating about how to get out of it. You are not ultimately released from the limitations of life except in Most Perfect Real-God-Realization.”

Oh yeah, bad news. Speeding it up or slowing it down does not count. The nature of work we have to do as spiritual beings having human experience is the same. No one is exempted from it. That means, dear ones, that we should not – in our darkest hours and insanity – choose to pull the trigger to end our existence in the now, as there is a possibility that we will just come back here and the same set of tests and circumstances will occur. Why? Because like it or not, we have to deal with life – we have to deal with the challenges – and grow up as matured souls from those lessons. That is something to think about for those of you who want to speed it all up.

How about those who want to slow it down? Sigh. Are we really that arrogant as fools who think we can outsmart the reality of life? Let me voice it out, loud and clear, in case you do not want to acknowledge it. Just the same, the truth is that if it is our time to die, we die – ready or not. We can resist death but for how long? Our bodies know how to cooperate with death. It is programmed that way. Therefore, when death comes, we just go. It would be best to know when to fight for life and when to give up.

Let me share with you these words from Osho which I read today. He said: “We do not only live on this planet – we are the planet. If you do not understand this today, you will understand this when you are buried. The planet understands that you are a part of it – only you think something else of yourself.”

In that same line ADI DA SAMRAJ wrote these gems for us: “There is no fixed world. In this world, which is essentially a vital manifestation, everything seems very much fixed and solid and move-less and not capable of being influenced by your mere mentalizing. Yet, even this world is not fixed. As you begin to see, as soon as you discover the Living Divine Reality and Truth in My Company and become truly humorous thereby – then you see how unfixed and fluid this world is, how unfixed and fluid the vast, infinite cosmos is. You see that the conditional realm is fluid, shapeless, and unreasonable. Then every world becomes the Real-God-World, because you are constantly communing with the Divine Person, Reality, and Truth there.”

Thinking that there is an after-life is deluding one’s self into the concept of the eternal survival of the ego (ego here does not refer to its general or conventional definition a.k.a., self-image/self-importance/pride; rather, it refers to our “consciousness” of our own identity [wrong perception of self as an entity separate from God] or as ADI DA called it “the patterning of the whole body-mind”). One is all and all are one. Everyone and everything is interconnected. The ego will not survive on its own because there is no self. There is only God – there is only Reality – that lives us.

We have to stop searching for that something that will reward us with something eternal. We have to stop procrastinating and start attending to our business – THIS LIFE. The teaching is pretty much straightforward that there is no room for misinterpretation – BE LOVE. Whatever religion you are in, the message is one and the same – LOVE. By any language, the language of love cannot be mistaken.

Love towards life. Love towards your passion. Love towards every sentient being. If love is the essence in everything we do, we can never go wrong. And by love, I mean unconditional love, not fish love.

Again, let me quote ADI DA: “To be Divinely Enlightened is not to be involved in (or concerned with) the fixing of future events, either for oneself or for any others. To be Divinely Enlightened is, instead, to be involved only with the unfolding process of Divine Self-Realization, instantly. It is to be always involved with the process of life as a Divinely Conscious event in this moment–and now in this moment, and now in this moment, and now in this moment.”

The end. No more space.


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  1. The first time Adel or Della mentions you (and how your “Love” has been so impressive to him) when he asks permission to nominate me in the 3 days quotes challenge, I’ve (sorry… with all my humility) “read” your direction and understanding of your Love. Likewise when you write the title of this article in your response and ask me to read it. The truth is, there is nothing I need to discuss in this paper other than to support it fully. Actually, we have the same core message though in different styles of disclosure, different approaches, and talked in “different words of languages”. I am sure you have read some of my writings and I am sure that I have found other soul sisters whom I have been looking to find all along through various media; Virily and others like FB & Twitter, especially Tsu, Niume, or Minds.
    Given that this kind of media is not a special forum on spirituality and where that context is not something popular here I am always giving my point of view subtly, and who knows, I will find other soul brothers/sisters. If I write or use the “gray” words, it is my way to bridge a “reality” with the other “reality”. I am glad that we will understand the nature and essence of our post themes here more than the terms we use. Best regards.

    • Lol! I apologize for the audacity of asking you to read this article (and to check my website). See, I trust my intuition but I am a human and so I still use my logic more than I do my heart (decades of conditioning, what can I say, and past circumstances in life that made me “think” it is more “dependable” than the heart). I have a sense we understand the same tune. However, I met another Gemini in the past who sing the same tune but not in that tune. Lol! I was trying to measure up how far I can discuss spirituality with you so I can tone down if there is a need for such. I am quite open in my writing (well because people have a choice to read it or not – I am simply sharing it) about my ways and what I follow in life – but I respect individual’s space and tone down whenever necessary. Namaste.

      • Really, my bliss is getting stronger because the clink of the tuning fork of the universe has met us and put us aligned. Nothing happens coincidentally for me, neither does our acquaintanceship. Love and light to you. Namaste.

        • Nothing ever happens by accident or coincidence! Always for a reason or lesson. Either way, I welcome it. It is a blessing though to meet people of same tune virtually as there are not a lot of them in my side of the globe (I have yet to meet one hahaha unfortunately). A Christian preacher who was once a seeker told me after he read my “Tangled in the Web” article that the road I am taking is a lonely one – full of desolation and misery – and so I must go back to the fold. I told him I want to find out for myself and judge for myself. He spent 2 days lecturing me! Thanks heavens for my stubborn head because I am surviving in that path.

          • The lonely road, it is true, outside and inside, and that is the only way. Misery is also true, and it is a choice, and the choice is like a pregnancy; discomfort, pain, relief, and happiness. A transformation from girl to mother.
            Not many have chosen this path, and my outward and virtual encounter with these mystics is a great joy. I have even been willing to leave earthly comfort to seek answers and meetings with these mystics.

          • Unfortunately, my capacity to reply to comments reached its limit. So this is the last thing I will say. People have 3 addictions – money, sex and food. I am not yet willing to leave food and food is earthly comfort. So I will seek my answers while munching on something hahahaha

    • Thank you if you view it that way…someone down-voted it and must have probably find it not to his cup of tea. Lol! I am open to rejection and criticism but it is nice to know the why of it for my own understanding and maturity.