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Is Your To Do List Overloaded?

I think that we all want to be successful in our lives. Let me define success by putting wealth over money. Money isn’t everything, although it is nice to have. Wealth means that we put ourselves first. We are living comfortably in our own skin. Make reasonable goals and reach them. Give back to our community. Have your bills paid to spend time with your loved ones.

In order to be successful to reach wealth, we need to make, “To Do Lists”. Most of you are like me, who way over busy our to do lists. This is why the “The Not To Do List” is also created. Besides every day living, start your to do list with the criteria of 5 of your most important goals so you can reach your goals for at least 5 days a week. Do they cover:

  1. One thing for paying your bills?
  2. One thing for better health?
  3. Time with loved ones?
  4. Cleaning cut down to one big activity to get it done.
  5. One thing to declutter your life,

If you have many more than 5 a day, it’s time to kick the least important ones out on the “Not to Do List”. Love yourselves. Make time for you and your loved ones. Also have fun in life and laugh.


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Written by pftsusan


  1. I used to work as a civil servant. My trick was to prepare a To Do List every day. If my list was 3 pages long, then my boss was overworking me. If my list was 2 pages long, then it meant that I needed to figure out how to work smarter, not harder. If my To Do List was 1 page long, that meant I was working in an orderly, productive and efficient manner and I was not overloaded. Worked for me!

  2. This reminds me a little of my “Just 5 Things” To-do list, where you can only have 5 things on your list at any one time, and you have to complete at least one of them to add another.